Recycled Fabrics

Here at Dotmagnus, we believe the most environmentally friendly brick is the one left in the wall. But what’s the most sustainable isn’t necessarily the best. So we went out to find the best product that’s produced in the most sustainable way. And we are proud to bring you our recycled fabrics 

Our commitment to reducing waste in Interior Design has led us to work with mills committed to the same cause we are, causing the least possible environmental impact in production while maintaining quality of design and durability. 

Utilising the unique Recover + Closed-Loop program, Dotmagnus and our mills are able to do just that for Fashion and Interior environments.

Recover™ Dotmagnus fabric is made from 100% recycled cotton and polyester, recovered from our supply chain using sustainable business practices

Using one tonne of recycled cotton and polyester yarn:

Saves 4817.6 litres of water

Saves 16.5kg of chemical products

Avoids the emission of 233.8kg of CO2 into the atmosphere

Avoids the dumping of 3574.4 litres of contaminated wastewater

Saves 512.5 kW/H of energy

Recycles textile garments or clips and PET bottles that would otherwise be treated as waste

Saves 1990.1m surface area of cotton growing land per tonne of yarn, which can be used to grow other crops

Recover™ is Third Party Certified for the highest labour and environmental standards – The Global Recycled Standard, The Global Compact, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Dotmagnus supports and encourages environmentally sustainable interior design for a greener future.

Textiles made from Recover Yarns can flow through the Upcycled Textile System for many life-cycles. Recover creates long-lasting, high-value products in each successive generation.

The recover process

Used clothes and garment production waste is submitted.

Old garments and textile waste are deposited at collection bins for re-wear or recycling.

This is then recovered from all over the world.

Textiles waste


The textile waste is then upcycled into new Recover fiber.

Cutting/Shredding and Spinning what was once considered “waste” into valuable new recover yarns.

Recover fibre

Recover yarns are made Into new fabrics.

Recover yarns are knit or woven Into new textiles for virtually every product application imaginable.

Recover being woven

New products are made from recover fabrics.

Apparel, accessories, home, and industrial products are cut and sewn from textiles made with Recover yarns.

Closing the loop on fashion and interiors

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