Dotmagnus loves

Do it once, do it right. When you select natural fibres like linen and cotton, the feeling of the right curtains and upholstery option in your house makes it feel like you never need to do it again. Timeless, classical, modern, contemporary, textured, cool, warm. These nouns apply to all our products, either at the same time or individually. It's all about how you use the items to create your look. With help from a professional or putting it together yourself with a Dotmagnus sample box and look book, your dream interior is closer than ever to becoming a reality. 

We love natural fibres as they age gracefully, rather than wear out or fade. They choose to mould themselves to their environment in a way that scientifically created fibres can't. For centuries, all around the globe, linen and cotton have been the choice fabrics to keep cool and to dress with. 

Recycled fabrics join linen and cotton in being fabrics we love. Made using the discarded homewares of large chains recycling programs, these homewares are broken down using natural sunlight and water methods over a number of months. They are then respun to make the beautiful fabrics we present today to you.

The most environmentally friendly fabric is the one you make once, then the one you can use twice.  Read more about these here

We've ensured you can feel confident about selecting from us because we dress our homes with the same product. From Curtains & Blinds to bedspreads and sofa covers, we love the look and feel of natural fibres.