About Us

We love all things natural. To us at Dotmagnus the most natural thing in the world is too not purchase something that's only quality is how long it will last, we would rather purchase something to enjoy through the natural course of it's life as it changes and grows with us.

So when we go looking for something new for our ranges, we ask ourselves if we love it, if we would have it in our own home, will it be something we enjoy. These questions drive what we decide to present to you, as we want to be happy once we have invited you into our home and you are looking at our interior lifestyle. 

We also love minimising our impact on the only planet we have. Natural and Recovered textiles are our way of ensuring there will be beautiful homes for future generations. Recovered, produced and presented to us, we look for quality to ensure that living a recycled dream means living others cast offs. 

And please, contact us! we love to hear from our website visitors, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any query. We are always striving to be better at what we do, and we welcome your input. You can contact us by emailing hello@dotmagnus.com or by phoning us on +61 3 9818 7799 (Radford Furnishings - wholesale Australian distributor) 

Dotmagnus is the trading name of Icon Textiles Ltd, a registered company in both Australia and New Zealand. Our headquarters are at 4a Couldry St Auckland  New Zealand 1021. But don't worry, our Australian phone number gets us where ever we may be in these beautiful southern lands. To make it easy for you, we bill in Australian Dollars. 









Icon Textiles t/a Dotmagnus ABN 11 473 994 189